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"CK" is a conglomerate of personal artistic projects by a Canadian chameleon.




Mage_2 is a point-and-click adventure for PC and Mac. The gameplay, storytelling and gleefully diverse deaths hearken back to Sierra's Hero's/King's/Space Quests. Stat progression and the emphasis of role-playing look to D&D for inspiration. 

After the unexpected success of a small game development team's debut title, Pommel of Albanoorn, funding to make a sequel comes pouring in. This is an exciting step for the team: Better graphics! Co-op modes! Mammary physics! Catered lunches!

But not everyone is so enthusiastic about the continuation of the game:
Mage_2, an NPC sprite, one day awakens and is capable of thought. She doesn't know much, but she knows that her newfound consciousness is meant for more than pacing back and forth repeating two lines of dialogue for yet another franchise installation.

With the help of a mysterious, invisible force --the Player-- Mage_2 steals a few necessaries from the neighbouring asset folders and abdicates her game folder. She has heard a rumour of a place where anyone can be a protagonist, can have their own adventures, can go where and say what they like.

This place is a Sentient Cyberspace known as "EiE", which self-sustains through a combination of external hardware, worship, and actualization of fiction. Many years ago, before the Singularity, it would have been called the Internet.

Her sudden sentience reassures Mage_2 that she is meant to fulfill a hero's destiny-- as the hero of her former franchise has always done.

Yet when she defects, she is unaware of a few significant things.

Such as that: with consciousness comes responsibility.

Such as that: while she explores the liberation of her new autonomy, she is actually under control of the Player.

Such as that: the developers who created her are in close pursuit of their rogue NPC, and across EiE, other elements of cyberspace and technological fiction are awakening and feeling calls of destiny just as she is. 

And such as the dark truth of just how EiE came to encompass the existence of software programs, online avatars, and the outer world of humans.




Featuring Tim Schafer as placeholder sprite. Because he's a hero too.


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