after june

multimedia fabrications

"CK" is a conglomerate of personal artistic projects by a Canadian chameleon.

Hi! This is the defragment-zone website of Reila Tab Cai, aka Tabz0r aka Caitlin Kloeckner.

I'm an artist, gamer, dungeon master, joker, midnight toker, and audio engineer from a farm in Gitxsan territory in the remote Canadian Northwest. As one does when one lives in serious isolation, I took up many arts and never specialized. I paint, write, play piano, and now design sound effects and music for indie video games and contemporary media.

Currently based in Toronto, I've recently co-formed experimental-electronic/ Indigenous-traditional band KSAC with LUYOS MC.

Age 18 saw me dropping out of an unaffordable piano performance degree at the University of Victoria. I fundraised my way to Toronto with what I could carry, and pursued acting until I was introduced to the infamous casting couch; at that point I turned my back on acting, lived on the streets briefly, worked in strip clubs and bars, learned to hustle just enough to return to school for audio engineering while joining local rock band Sexy Mathematics.

I spent the following years getting into indie game development with Toronto group Dames Making Games, and awakening as a social justice sorceress, which was necessary in order to address the demoralizing realization that sexism in any other industry is just as rampant as in entertainment, though maybe not always as blatant.

In this strange era of internet anonymity and solidarity, I've been practicing being vocal about my experiences. From poverty, isolation and patriarchal abuse, immersion in firsthand accounts of cultural genocide, having more pet goats than friends, to #metoo, sex work and the culture shock of fully colonized cities and mindsets.