after june

multimedia fabrications

"CK" is a conglomerate of personal artistic projects by a Canadian chameleon.

Very inspo.

Afterjune tenets:

-Act with respect even towards things you don't have respect for
-Explore all your senses
-Help others to the greatest extent your means allow
-Ask for help when you need it
-Exercise good will
-Spend time with animals and plants
-Read books, seek truth
-Ask questions, listen long
-Accept all emotions, let them flow through

Hi, I'm Reila / Tab of many names. This is my art-dump website and therapeutic dreamland, After June. It is limited, as far as dreamlands go, but it is also larger than it seems, if you count unspoken truths and hyperlinks, which, I mean, you just gotta.

As an artist, I'm doomed to a) speak in riddles and pleas at least some of the time, and b) have an internet footprint of occasionally questionable artistic quality.

*cough* Long history of being most active on the internet as an emo trash teenager
*cough* Emo trash habits die hard even when you grow up and sophisticate

*cough* I will never grow up anyway, until I have found the 4 crystal shards of adulthood